Welcome at Fantabulous Cakes, the home of your dreams being fulfilled.

Fantabulous Cakes is a dream come true to me. As a little girl I dreamed of creating beautiful cakes, when I saw the cakes my grandmother used to make.

Fantabulous Cakes was started in 2005 when my twins had their second birthday and I wanted to do something cute, special and unique. The parents were so excited and the orders started to come in.

I then took decorating and sugar craft classes for 3 years and since then creating unique 3D cakes and cupcakes became my passion. Children’s parties became my passion. Fantabulous Cakes became my passion!

If you want something unique for that special occasion, you are at the right place!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Fantabulous cakes is your one stop party spot. Whether it is a kiddies party, baby shower, engagement, wedding, anniversary or corporate functions. If you need a cake or some themed confectionery, look no further!

My mission is to make dreams come true - "if you can dream it, you can do it"!

Contact me with your dream and I'll do my utmost best to make it come true!

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